Tubi TV Activation: Love watching online shows and movies but hate paying heavy subscription bills? If Yes, then you may want to switch to Tubi TV. As an American-based application, Tubi TV is free and used by thousands of users across the globe. In recent years, the platform gained quite a popularity in America and other countries to the point that many started to consider it as an alternative to Netflix and Hulu.

If you are also like to enjoy unlimited entertainment with Tubi TV then, this activation guide can help you to achieve it:

How to Create/Activate Tubi TV?

Although Tubi Tv is free you need to create or set-up an account to access the content. Fortunately, you can create an account free of cost without any restrictions. On the top, you can access the Tubi TV from all the smart devices. Proceeding with the account set-up, here are some steps you can follow:

Activate Tubi TV

Step 1: To register the account visit the tubitv.com/signup

Step 2: You can either select to log in through Facebook or Google

Step 3: Create a strong password to protect your account

Step 4: Complete the registration by clicking on the orange register button

Once done you can Tubi TV/activate it on your smart device.

How to Activate Tubi TV account on Smart TV?

After you have successfully set-up the account, it is time to move ahead with tubi.com/activate. Here are the steps you need to follow closely to activate the Tubi TV account on your smart TV.

Step 1: Open the Tubi Tv application on your smart TV

Step 2: Select the sign-in option

Step 3: Proceed to link the account, if you haven’t registered then, do it before activating.

Step 4: To link the account you will need the Tubi tv to activate code

Step 5: Visit Tubi TV/activate through the separate device

Step 6: Sign-in your Tubi TV account

Step 7:  Get the code and enter it into the smart TV screen

Once done, your account will be successfully linked with the smart TV. Now, you can easily watch movies, shows, and other Tubi TV content on the smart screen.

How to activate Tubi TV on Roku?

The key advantage of signing up for Tubi TV is that it has a long list of apps available for both iOS and Android users. All you have to do is complete the Tubi tv activation and you can access the content from anywhere anytime. Moreover, if you are an old Roku user, then learn how to activate Tubi TV.