How to transfer McAfee subscription to a new PC?

Significance of McAfee Antivirus Software

 Transfer McAfee subscription to a new PC: Your PC security is incomplete without an antivirus software. Whether you use a PC just for personal use, professional use, or for both purposes; you need a reliable antivirus software. It assists you in keeping you aware about potential threats that can damage your system, thus alarming you early to take an appropriate action. A PC without an antivirus is vulnerable to serious security threats and issues. With the advancement in computer technology, new types of viruses as well as new types of virus attacks and other threats have sprung up. Hence, to safeguard your important data present on the PC you must have an antivirus software on board. McAfee is a great antivirus, trusted by millions of PC users around the globe for keeping their PCs secured against virus and other threats.

If you have a license assigned to a computer that you no longer use, deactivate and reactivate that license on your new computer:

Transfer McAfee subscription to a new PC?

  1. On your new computer, go to
  2. Hover your mouse over My Account, and then click My Account from the list of options.
  3. Type your registered email address and password, and then click Log In.
  4. Select the computer you want to remove the license from.
  5. Click Deactivate.
  6. To begin the install on your new computer, click Download.
  7. Follow the instructions to download and install your McAfee software.

If you have used all available licenses in your subscription and you need to install McAfee on another computer, you must purchase another license. On your main account screen, click Buy Now beside the product you want to buy another license for. Then, follow the instructions to complete your purchase.

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Keep All your Personal and Work Information Safe & Secure

Modern world allows people to make use of technology from, practically, anywhere and via different convenient means. The technology is used to access several great services to the likes of Gmail, Google, and Facebook. When you create an account on any of these or some other services, you have to share your personal as well as professional information with them. On their (service’s) end, your information might be secured because of the high-standard security measures taken by these services.

However, your personal and professional data might be at risk at your end. You can take your end’s security to the same secure level as offered by the services by making use of McAfee antivirus software. 

Unable to find data your data

Unable to find data stored at a particular location on your PC is the first sign that you’re under a serious virus threat. In most of the cases, people are astounded over finding out that they aren’t able to access or found data where they last accessed it from. Though the data might be present at the same location, it might be cloaked from user access by the notorious viruses. McAfee software disallows viruses to do this and hence helps you to protect your data from unauthorized access and being lost. Though McAfee antivirus software is available at a number of Websites over the Internet, it’s wise not to install it from suspicious Websites. This is because some spiteful sites download viruses on your system under the disguise of the antivirus software download. To avoid this, you can contact us anytime. Our experts will guide you to download and install McAfee security tool from only the legitimate sources.

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