Yahoo mail is a popular mail gateway that the users use for interaction for personal and business requirements. The Yahoo mail account holders have their username and password to maintain secrecy and privacy. The data is protected with the help of password. To make the process more confidential, the users regularly change their passwords. At times, the password may be changed when the users forget it. The option to change the password is mentioned on the page where the username and password details are filled. Hence the users can easily change their password and maintain extra privacy and confidentiality of their data.

The Yahoo password gives access to other Yahoo services also to the users. Hence the importance and significance of the password is immense.

How to Reset or change Yahoo Password?

Following are the steps that can be taken to change password on Yahoo Mail How to change password on Yahoo mail on desktop or mobile:

  1. Sign-in to the Yahoo email account page.
  2. Click on “Change Password
  3. The user needs to enter a new password
  4. Tap “Continue

The password will be reset and the user will have a new password. The process is simple.

Steps to change password on Yahoo mail How to change password on Yahoo mail for mobile users:

  1. Go to the “Menu” icon on the app
  2. Click on “Manage Accounts
  3. Go to “ Account Info
  4. Click on “Security Settings
  5. Enter security code used by the users
  6. Click on “Change password
  7. Select “I would rather change my password
  8. Enter the new password and confirm it
  9. Click on “Continue

The steps are simple to follow and execute. With the help of these instructions and steps, the users can easily change the password. It makes their email account safe and the data on other Yahoo services also secured. The users are advised to change the password regularly to give a security edge to their respective Yahoo email account.

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