What is a Remote Desktop Application?

Remote Desktop App to connect to a PC: In simple words, a Remote Desktop software or application allows the user to connect with any other computer in other location. It connects and performs between one workstation and the other one, most probably a mobile device. So here the connection would be between a computer and a mobile device. It is quite popular in the corporate world as it allows the professionals to work in other’s PC and avail the data of the latter. Hence, the demand for such application has increased manifolds.

This article is dedicated to derive information about how to use a Remote Desktop App to connect to a PC on Windows 10:

The first and the most important thing or step is to setup the PC in which the connection is to be restored.

  1. Ensure that the user has Windows 10 Pro. To check this,
  2. The user can click on “Start”.
  3. Then go to “Settings
  4. Now tap on “System” followed byAbout” and search for “Edition”. The user can get information to get it by following the tutorial, Upgrade Windows 10 Home to Windows 10 Pro.
  5. Once ready, the user can easily follow the regime, Start>Settings>System>Remote Desktop>Enable Remote Desktop
  6. Now use Remote Desktop to connect to the PC that has been prepared or Setup
  7. The users, who are already working in Windows 10 PC, go to Search Box present in the Taskbar.
  8. Type “Remote Desktop Connection” here on the bar
  9. Select “Remote Desktop Connection
  10. Type of the name of the PC that has to be connected and then tap on “Connect

The above-mentioned steps are relevant for connecting Remote Desktop app to Windows 10 PC.

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