Manage Hulu Watch History (View , Manage and Delete):Streaming on Hulu for a while? If yes, then you may have stumbled upon feature called “keep watching”. It is because Hulu keeps a record based on your watch history and suggests series that you may want to continue or watch next. However, this particular feature also allows you to manage, control, and delete your Hulu watch history.There are many who prefer to delete a few titles from history to ensure they no longer appear as a suggestion on the screen. If necessary, you can explore the below content to delete your watch history on Hulu to avoid redundant series.

How to View History on Hulu?

The watching history in Hulu is within the keep watching collection that you can directly access from the home page. Browse through that to find the list of shows and movies that you have recently watched on the platform. If you take one step further and select “All Watch History” to see all the shows and movies that you have watched until now on Hulu.

From there you can also continue the shows and movies you have left off in the past. On Hulu, you can also learn about each show and movie in detail by hovering over the thumbnails.

How to Remove a Show/Movie From Hulu Watch History?

Are you using your desktop, smartphone or smart TV to access the content of Hulu? Depending on device, you can remove a particular show or movie from the Hulu viewing history by following the below steps:

On the Desktop:

  1. log in to your Hulu account
  2. Open the keep watching
  3. Hover over the show or movie you want to delete
  4. You will see the X sign next to the show or movie
  5. Double tap on the X icon to remove the particular show or movie from the history

On The Mobile Platform:

If you are accessing the content from your smartphone then, closely follow these steps:

  1. Open your updated Hulu app
  2. Find and select “keep watching”
  3. Find the three dots in the show or movie poster
  4. Click on the dots and a menu will appear and from there find more options
  5. Tap to remove the show from the history

On Smart TV:

The below steps will be repeated with a smart TV to remove shows and movies from Hulu watch history:

  1. Open the detail page
  2. Use the remote to go to the manage history
  3. Click on “remove” from the watch history

Once done you can re-confirm to remove the show from the list.

How to Completely Delete Hulu History?

If you are accessing the Hulu content through your PC/desktop then, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Hulu account
  2. Select keep watching


  1. Hover over the thumbnail of the movie and series to learn more
  2. If asked please enter your password
  3. On the account page scroll down to find “privacy and setting” on the right-hand side


  1. Go to the California privacy right as shown in the above picture
  2. On the next page you will find the “manage activity” section
  3. Check the box next to “watch history”
  4. Click on the clear selected button at the bottom
  5. how-to-hulu-clear-watch-history

  6. Hulu will re-confirm your decision
  7. Click on the “clear” to complete the process

By following all the above steps, you can view, manage and clear out the history on the Hulu platform. We hope this information may help you to achieve your goal.