What is Blu-Ray Disc?

The Blu-Ray Disc looks like a normal CD or DVD discs but the former is equipped with an amazing storage capacity to meet the requirements of High-Definition video. It can store huge amount of data and was created to serve this purpose. It has a diameter of 12 cm.

What is the use of Blu-ray Disc and How to Watch Blu-Ray Disc on Windows 10?

The development of Blu-rays clearly defines the step-up technology as it belongs to the third generation of compact disc technology followed by audio CDs and DVDs. The similarity of all the three generations of compact disc states storage of data except for the fact the Blu-ray has a much higher capacity to store data than the rest of the two formats. As TV viewing switched to HD clarity, featuring higher resolution picture became trendy. Blu-ray got accepted as the standard format for excellent viewing in the year 2008. However, digitalized data demanded more and higher technical advantage to accommodate cloud computing and HD streaming that accounted to the decline of Blu-ray popularity. How to watch Blu-Ray Disc on Windows 10?

Blu-ray is ideal for storing 10-12 GB data and hence is quite popular in the gaming industry. This is a guide to help users walk through the steps to watch Blu-ray Disc on Windows 10.

  1. VLC Media Player:

The following steps are applicable for the users who have Blu-ray disc in their external Blu-ray drive.

  • Open VLC media player
  • Tap on “Media
  • Click “Open Disc
  • The user will see Blu-ray is a choice. Click on it
  • Browse to find the file/folder that has the movie
  • The user can start playing Blu-ray movies on Windows 10 with VLC

If the PC does not have a built-in drive, then one will be required.

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