Update Amazon Fire Stick Exodus

Exodus is a third-party Kodi Add-on and it is compatible in Amazon Fire Stick and has some great content that keeps the viewers hooked to the TV. However, it is inevitable to update Exodus in Amazon Fire Stick to get uninterrupted content without any No stream messages being displayed on the screen. There is a procedure to update the Amazon Fire Stick Exodus.

The following steps can guide the users to easily update the Amazon Fire Stick Exodus:

  1. It is essential to launch the Kodi Software in the Fire Stick.
  2. Go to the “Add On” option and click on it
  3. The user will find the option of “Exodus”, select it. Then click on “Information”
  4. The Installation dialog box will appear on the screen
  5. The user will have to select the “Update” option
  6. The process of update will begin
  7. The user will now have to select the “Settings” option on Kodi Software to install the latest version of the add-on.
  8. Click on “File Manager
  9. Select the “Add Source” option
  10. When prompted on the screen to ask media name and the URL, type Kodi site path. Click “OK” after that
  11. Type the name of the media source also and then click on “OK
  12. Select “Add On” button and click on “Package Installer” that is seen in the Menu bar
  13. Look for the “Install Zip File” option
  14. Select the “Repositories” and then click the “Android” version.
  15. Choose the Repositories for Kodi and then install the same
  16. In the Video Add On segment, click on “Exodus”. Install it.


The Amazon Fire Stick can be updated to the new version. This is possible by following the below-mentioned steps and the Stick will take updates of 2020.

Steps to get Amazon Fire Stick updates 2020:

  1. Press “Home” button on the Stick and get back to the main menu
  2. On top the user will find the button “Settings”. Click on it
  3. Then select “My Fire TV” or “Device”
  4. The user will see “About”. Click on it
  5. Then tap “Install System Update

Update on the Fire TV Stick will begin. The Stick will automatically start once the update is complete. The user can recheck by checking Fire OS. The user will find that the latest version is updated.

But if the device has not restarted automatically, then follow the manual procedure. Click on “Middle” button and “Pause/Play” button simultaneously at the same time for a couple of seconds. The new version will be updated on the Amazon Fire Stick.

How to Block Amazon Fire Stick Updates?

The users of Amazon Fire Stick should be aware of some of the facts about the facility. The Stick is synonym with creation of entertainment avenues for the users. The content in the Stick automatically gets updated. This can be not a desirable element for the users for varied reasons and they may not want the Stick to indulge in unnecessary software updates that may not interest them. There are a couple of steps to block updates on Amazon Fire Stick.

However, there is no option to disable the updates but the following procedure will aid in blocking the updates. But the process diversifies for rooted and non-rooted Fire Stick devices. In this article, we will be providing common steps that can be followed to prevent or block updates for both the devices.

  1. Go to the “Home” screen of the Amazon Fire Stick
  2. Click on “Settings” and select “Developer” option
  3. Enable the ADB option by turning it “On”
  4. Fire Stick can be connected using the ADB
  5. This step is meant for the users of the rooted device. Go to Your Computer and open “Run” dialog box. The user will have to type “ADB Shell” in it
  6. Now type “SU” in the following line and run it
  7. The Fire TV Stick may ask the user to enable Superuser access for performing amendments, click on “Grant”
  8. In case the Stick is running on Operating System 5 or above, the user needs to run the command pm disable com.amazon.device.software.ota’ on his/her computer.
  9. Run the command “pm disable com.amazon.dcp” for the OS 3 users
  10. “Exit” the command box after the completion of the process
  11. The users of non-rooted devices will have to run the command “ADB shell pm hide com.amazon.device.software.ota” on his/her computer.
  12. Now click the command “Exit”
  13. The update will get blocked in case the user factory resets the Fire TV Stick
  14. Whenever the user is interested to resume with the updates, simply clicking on “Enable” in the above-mentioned commands will do the needful.


Amazon Fire Stick is a great way for entertainment and it provides good content for viewing. The channels require the support of an internet connection to function uninterrupted. The content consists of movies, games, live streaming videos, web series, etc. The viewers are entertained as some of the content available in the Stick can be viewed as per the convenient timings of the users. By default, the Stick automatically updates Apps. The users may want to stop this automatic update offered by the Stick.

Following are the steps to stop Amazon Fire Stick from updating:

  • Android Debugging Program or ADB is a command that allows the users to make amendments in the developer-level of Fire Stick’s operating system. It is required to enable ADB to make the modifications. It is essential to enable the same so that the auto-updating characteristic of the Fire Stick can be stopped.

Steps to make connection to ADB through Menu in Fire TV Stick:

  1. Go to the “Home” screen of the Stick
  2. Click on “Settings”
  3. Go to the right and select “Device”
  4. Go to Developer Options and select “ON”
  • Look for the IP address of the Stick with the help of the Wi-Fi connection.
  1. Click on the “Home” screen of the Fire TV Stick
  2. Go to “Settings”
  3. In the right select “Device”
  4. Select About
  5. Find and select “Network”
  6. The IP address of the Stick will be displayed on the right hand side of the screen. Make of the note of it.
  • Install ADB on your computer. Ensure that ADB is installed in your computer and if it is not then the following steps are employed to download the same in the computer:

Installing ADB in Windows

  1. Go to the link of ADB Installer and download it
  2. As the download gets over, open the installer
  3. Type “Y” when asked whether you want to install ADB
  4. Type “Y” again when asked Install ADB system-wide. Then hit Enter button on the computer
  5. When asked Do you want to install device drivers, simply type “N” and then hit Enter button on the computer.

Installing ADB on Mac

  1. Open Mac browser and download ADB from the link
  2. Double click on the installer’s zip file to extract
  3. When extraction is complete, double click on the new unzipped folder
  4. Go to Applications and open Terminal Application, then hit Utilities or simply press ⌘+space or type Terminal in Spotlight
  5. Now is the time to drag the file ADB-Install-Mac.sh to the terminal
  6. Now tap on the Terminal Window and enter the password if needed.
  • Install Debloater Application also or download it first and then install
  • The user now will have to establish connection between the Fire TV and ADB Fire
  • Once the connection between the Fire TV and ADB Fire is established, launch the debloater application.
  • Look for the Device Software OTA apk option and click on it
  • Tap “Apply”.
  • Now the Fire TV Stick will stop updating.