Change/Reset iCloud password on iPhone

The users of Apple products like iPhone, iPad, iPod, Apple watch have an Apple ID. It is natural that the user may forget the password and in such a case resetting the password is an essential step to enjoy the uninterrupted services of the Apple products. Resetting the password can be easily done by following a few steps. However, Apple users cannot retrieve the forgotten password even through their email. They have to reset the password to access the suite of Apple products. Resetting the iCloud or Apple ID can be effectively executed by following the steps to reset the iCloud password on iPhone:

  1. Go to Apple ID password reset and click on “Forgot Apple ID”/password that are in the center of the page.
  2. The user will be directed to a new page where it is required to enter the Apple ID or the email account linked with it. Tap on “Continue
  3. Select “I need to reset my password
  4. The user will have to make the selection whether to reset the password through email or by replying to a series of security-related questions.
  5. In case the user selects the email method, then the instructions will be sent to the primary email ID of the user. If the user cannot place the email, it is better to check the spam or junk folder. Still if the user is not able to find the email, then it is recommended to follow the above-mentioned steps and have the mail sent in your email ID. Once the mail is received, the user is able to create a new password.

If the user is using the 2-factor authentication, then the procedure is even simpler. The user is able to directly reset the password using the trusted Apple device or from the Apple ID account page.

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Enter <your name> and <password & security>
  3. Click on Change Password
  4. The user will have to enter password and then re-enter the password again
  5. The password will be reset.

These are the simple steps that can be followed by the users to reset their iCloud password and get access to the Apple products easily. It is advised to sign-in with the new password to check if the steps have been followed properly. The user will be directed to the required page and this will make it obvious that the task has been a fruitful effort.