How to Mirror iPhone to Roku?

Mirror iPhone to Roku

People watching content on iPhone or iPad can easily mirror the same on Roku device. This gives them the chance to view the same on a bigger screen and enjoy the content to the fullest. Listening to the audio content with surround system is an enjoyable experience altogether.

What is the meaning of screen mirroring?

The technology that allows and empowers the users to watch or listen to the content on iPhone or iPad in the larger screen of the TV like Roku device is called screen mirroring.

Following are the steps that make it possible to mirror iPhone to Roku:

  1. Click on “Settings” in the Roku device
  2. Choose “System
  3. Select “Screen Mirroring
  4. Select “Screen Mirroring Mode” and click on “Prompt” or “Always Prompt”. The OK button on the remote has to be clicked to get access to the above-mentioned options.
  5. In the App, click on “Cast” button.
  6. Then select the Roku device reflected in the pop-up list.
  7. The Roku App has to be installed in the iPhone to cast media that is stored on the phone.
  8. Now open Roku App and select “Devices
  9. Click on “Media
  10. Now make the final selection of videos, audio, or photos that the user wishes to cast on the TV.

With the help of the simple steps, the user can get a magnified vision of the content and it will be enjoyable to watch or hear the same in a bigger screen with an awesome sound surround system.

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