How to Mirror iPhone to Roku TV without Wi-Fi?

Mirror iPhone to Roku TV without Wi-Fi

The simplest way to mirror iPhone to Roku TV without Wi-Fi is to mirror phone to TV with Apple TV App. It allows the users to mirror iPhone to Roku directly on the TV. The main point to remember here is that both iPhone and TV should be using the same network.

So here we are with the simple tutorial about how to mirror iPhone to Roku TV without Wi-Fi:

  1. Open Control Centre on ions
  2. The user will find “AirPlay” mirroring button. The symbol for this is a triangle that points up in the rectangle.
  3. The list of devices will appear on the screen and the user needs to select Apple TV. AirPlay the video on the Apple TV.

Another method is to download the Airbeam App.

  1. The user needs to download the Mirror for Roku Streaming Channel. This can be found in the “Personal Media” section of Roku device
  2. Installation of Mirror for Roku app in the device is important.
  3. It will use local network to look for the Roku Device
  4. When Roku is found, click on it.
  5. Screen mirroring will be initiated when the user will click “Start Mirroring” option
  6. After Choosing: Mirror for Roku” option, the user should select “Start Broadcast” option to start mirroring.

The steps can be followed by the users and unlimited content can be enjoyed without Wi-Fi. The users are happy and content with the quality of content.

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