How to Link Spotify to Alexa?

In this article you learn how to link Spotify to Alexa –  Spotify Spotify has given a new definition to music lovers as they have the advantage of listening to their favourite numbers with just the click or tap of their finger. The experience enhances when Spotify is connected to Amazon Alexa alexa. We know that Alexa speakers like Amazon Echo and Echo Show turn to Amazon Music, by default. But the settings can be changed and the user can easily connect Spotify to Alexa. This setting can also be made as to the default one. Spotify users find Alexa quite warm and welcoming because of the simple navigational functions offered by the smart voice assistant.

Echo devices are compatible with Spotify Connect cancel subscriptions.

How to link Spotify to Alexa?

  1. The first step is to open the Alexa App.
  2. Hit the Play icon that the user can find in the bottom.
  3. The user will see the Music & Books button.
  4. Hit it and click on More Music Streaming Services
  5. Select Spotify here
  6. Use your details here to log in to your Spotify Premium account
  7. Link the accounts

The users of Spotify Free in the USA, Australia, and New Zealand can enjoy the music on smart speakers like Alexa for free.

Setting Spotify as the default music service

  1. Open Alexa App alexa
  2. Go the Settings icon-3.png
  3. Go down to Music
  4. Hit on Choose Default Music Service
  5. Press or select  Spotify Spotify
  6. Hit Done

When Spotify becomes the default music service, the playlist of the app is reflected rather than Amazon Music.


The robust features of both the apps, Amazon Alexa and Spotify provide an enriching and satisfying experience to music lovers as they can easily get soaked in the power of music and enjoy the tunes as per their choice.

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