How To Fix DirecTV Buffering ISSUE on Roku TV?

Fix DirecTV Buffering ISSUE on Roku TV

The sound quality in streaming videos often face issues that can be fixed in DIRECTV. The viewers can expect that the sound quality can improve a lot. During prime time hours, the sound quality may stoop lower further; but the good news is that it can be restored. Even if the internet connectivity is strong, yet buffering issues may be faced and this irritates the users.

  1. Identifying the issue is the best way to get closer to a resolution. Check the internet speed. Suggested internet speed for DIRECTV Now is an important requisite for flawless operations.
  2. Slow WiFi or server are the primary concerns that develop buffering issues in DIRECTV. One of the best and most effective solutions is to restart the DIRECTV.
  3. Consider changing the router and shifting to one that has Wi-Fi AC standard. Shifting to AC standard from the old N standard will offer a new experience to the users.
  4. Delete the DIRECTV App from your player and download it again to rule out the buffering issue.
  5. Make sure that Roku TV is not on Standby mode.
  6. Try to disconnect and reconnect all cables of Roku Device.

These are some of the tips that can be tried by the users to fix DIRECTV buffering issue on Roku TV.

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