Connect Roku to WiFi, Roku Stick

It is a wonder how our lives have absorbed technology in every step so much so that it has become nearly impossible to imagine living sans the gadgets. With the help of Roku TV, the users get easy access to live streaming videos, TV shows, and movies at anytime, anywhere, and across multiple devices.  Hence, who would not like to avail such services? The pre-requisite for the Roku TV to operate unconditionally is an excellent internet connection. Here are a few steps that will help the user to connect Roku to WiFi – Roku Stick:

  1. The connection can be easily established using mobile Hot Spot. Keep 2 handsets ready.
  2. The user should have the Roku App installed in the Smartphone.
  3. Go to “Settings
  4. Click on “Mobile Hotspot
  5. Connect Roku Stick to Wi-Fi without remote through Hot Spot
  6. Click “OK” on mobile data option
  7. Enter the SSID code and security key code and it should be same as saved in the Roku stick
  8. Now is the time to bring the second mobile to action. Connect the second handset to mobile hotspot.
  9. Install Roku App in it. Scroll down the bottom of the phone screen and click “Remote” button.
  10. Start your Roku Stick and go to “Network Settings
  11. Alter the settings as per the new Wi-Fi connection that has to be matched
  12. After this step, turn off the mobile hotspot and connect it with the Roku Stick network. This will help the user to access Roku Stick content.

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