Connect Roku device to DirecTV

DirecTV provides viewers with digital TV, being the top company in the world offering digital entertainment. It is a subsidiary of AT&T and headquartered in California. The technology employed for the working of the TV is smart and millions of users across the USA and Latin America are satisfied with its services. It gives direct competition to cable TV network.

Roku device can be connected to DirecTV with the help of a few requirements. The users primarily requires a speedy internet connection, subscription account of DirecTV, HDMI port in HD TV, Roku streaming player that is compatible, and Roku remote or mobile app.

The following steps can now be followed to connect Roku device to DirecTV:

  1. Click on “Home” button on Roku remote
  2. Go to streaming channels with the help of Roku remote
  3. Click on search menu and type DirecTV
  4. Then select “Add
  5. When asked for Roku credentials, login the required information in
  6. The screen will reflect the activation code
  7. Check if DIRECTV is now available in the “My Channel” page
  8. DIRECTV Now symbol will be seen on the channel list and select the same. The user can scroll through the available content
  9. DIRECTV app can also be used by the user in the Smartphone for viewing their favorite content
  10. The app can be easily downloaded in the Smartphone

These steps are simple enough to follow and get connected to the world of entertainment.

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