Connect DIRECTV to TCL Roku TV

The popularity of Roku device needs to speculation because the technology can provide uninterrupted entertainment to the viewers. Going a step forward, connecting DIRECTV to TCL Roku device has further made a style statement in the world of entertainment. The viewers in the USA and Canada are at the receiving end and can make use of the prevailing lockdown circumstances by watching their favorite content in the form of movies, live video streaming, and TV shows.

A few easy steps mentioned below will help the users to connect DIRECTV to TCL Roku device:

  1. Go to the “Home” screen on Roku TV
  2. Click on “Streaming Channels” option
  3. Under the listings, select “DIRECTV Now
  4. Select DIRECTV App and install it
  5. Log on to the DIRECTV Now account in the App installed in Roku Device.

Before following the above-mentioned steps, be sure that Roku device software is up-to-date and the internet connection is strong. DIRECTV Now shows all the devices in which it is compatible and Roku device is one such series in which it can run smoothly with the help of a reliable network connection. The users can enjoy the content uninterrupted.

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