How to Change Alexa Voice?

How to Change Alexa Voice? : The popularity of Amazon Alexa is growing by the day as more and more gadgets are becoming Alexa-friendly and providing the in-built voice assistance as an exclusive feature in the respective gadget. It has come forth as an impressive and trendy voice assistance network tool that has amended with the way users use home appliances, World Wide Web, and other Alexa-empowered devices.

Whether the requirement is as simple as dimming the room light or looking for a recipe online; Alexa speaker can carry out the instructions well on time.

The most interesting part is yet to unfold. The monotonous voice of Alexa can be a boring feature that has become easy to tweak as technology never stops surprising us. The developers have added features in the voice assistant tool and it is possible to have a different voice and language for Alexa. Even celebrity voice mix feature is being added to the settings of the tool.

Here is the guide that will make it easy to change Alexa Voice:

  1. First come first. Open the Alexa app in the respective gadget or app that the users use. The device can be the Tab or the Smartphone. Hit the “Menu” icon that is present in the top left of the home page. Then hit Settings > Device Settings. The connected devices list will appear on the screen and the user can easily select the device for which the users wants to change the voice of Alexa.
    Menu > Settings > Device Settings > Select the device
  2.  Next step is to select the Language that the user wishes to change for Alexa. After choosing the Device icon, scroll down the options of languages available and select the desired one. Another drop-menu is available to choose the language accent. For example, English has accent options for the USA, UK, India, etc. Other options like French, Spanish, German, Japanese, Portuguese, Italian, etc. are also available.
  3. Scroll down the language selection > Choose the language/dialect
  4.  After making the Language choice, the choice needs to be confirmed. Once the language is selected – Tap OK
  5. It will take some time for the related device/Alexa to settle with the changes or switch to the new language.
  6.  Alexa will speak in the desired language/voice.


A few interesting features and tweaks here and there can make it desirable to use the voice assistance facility with excitement. Technology has added a new world of adventures in our monotonous life in myriad ways.

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