How to cancel YouTube subscriptions?

In this article, you learn How to cancel YouTube subscriptions? The popularity of YouTube is not hidden from anyone. Easy subscription to the varied YouTube channels allows the users to get notified whenever there is a new release on the respective channel. Mobile apps or laptops can be simply used for the cancellation of the YouTube subscription. Here are

The steps that need to be followed to cancel YouTube subscription:

  1. Sign in to YouTube and the home page will be displayed
  2. The top of the homepage has Subscriptions. Click on it
  3. Scroll down the page and locate the subscription that is desired to remove. In case the desired subscription is not found on the first page, then click on Load More Videos at the bottom of the page and more subscriptions will be displayed
  4. Now you will be able to find the desired subscription for cancellation and click the username link above it.
  5. User’s channel homepage will be displayed
  6. At the top of the channel page, click on the down-arrow icon besides Subscribed
  7. In the bottom right corner there will be a red-colored button Unsubscribe, click on it.
  8. The subscription will be successfully removed.

Subscribe to YouTube again

If in the future, the user wants to subscribe to the channel again, then the yellow color button Subscribe on the top of the channel homepage. The steps are simple to follow and the users can easily enjoy the use of the available content on the World Wide Web.

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