How to cancel Xbox game pass subscription?

How to cancel Xbox game pass subscription: Xbox is a brand created by Microsoft that is engaged in offering video gaming console to the users. It is a hugely successful and popular brand among players. Microsoft introduces Xbox Games Pass in the year 2017 and it has over 100 high-quality console and PC games. As the games are added consistently, the users are always at the exciting galore of new explorations. More than 100 games can be accessed from the rotating library and can be played for a monthly fee.

The users can however, cancel the subscription at anytime as the process is simple to understand and execute. The only way to cancel the subscription is to log on to the Microsoft webpage.

7 Easy step to  cancel Xbox Games Pass?

  1. Open the webpage in the website
  2. The user needs to enter user name and password to sign-in to the Microsoft account
  3. Go to the Xbox Games Pass section of the concerned page


  1. The user will find Manage there, click on it
  2. Select Change
  3. Select Turn Off Recurring Bill
  4. Click on Confirm Cancellation

How to cancel Xbox game pass subscription: The subscription will be cancelled successfully for future but the user will keep receiving the benefits until the paid subscription term expires. When the subscription period will end, Microsoft will not charge the users again and the players will lose access to the games. The users can easily join or renew the subscription again in future if desired.

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How to disable auto-renew for Xbox Game Pass

Before canceling Xbox Game Pass, remember you’ll lose access to all games via the service. Unless games have been purchased permanently, you’ll need to renew your subscription to play them again.

These are the steps to cancel Xbox Game Pass from the web. While an option to cancel via the console was previously available, this has since been removed.

disable auto-renew for Xbox Game Pass

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