Let see How to cancel Starz on Amazon Prime: Watching live streaming shows, web-series, movies, etc. are the latest fad and has immensely helped people survive boredom through the lockdown in the pandemic. Unlimited shows and movies are available with no-ads and the viewers are happy to explore the wide range of content available on Amazon Prime.

After watching a plethora of shows and movies in Starz, the users may have decided to cancel the subscription of the same in their Amazon Prime channel. It is quite simple. But the important thing to note here is that if the user has subscribed using Starz, then it is essential to cancel using the same. However, in case the user has subscribed using Amazon Prime or Google Play Store, then the respective platform will help in the cancellation process.

Easy Step to cancel Starz on Amazon Prime?

  1. Sign-in to the account of Amazon Prime that has been linked with the subscription
  2. Go to the Accounts & List menu
  3. Select Memberships & Subscriptions
  4. Locate Prime Video Channels and tap on it
  5. You will find Actions and click on it
  6. Select Cancel Channel for Starz
  7. Confirm your Cancellation

The procedure is simple to follow and it only takes a few minutes to cancel the subscription. Even after cancellation, the user will have access to the content until the subscription period expires. There is no refund option available for the users even if they do not watch the content for the set term.

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