How do I renew my SiteGround hosting Plan? : Web hosting is the requirement for website building and several companies are offering state of the art services to support the same. Whether it is shared, cloud, or enterprise web hosting requirements, SiteGround is an officially recommended web hosting company by WordPress. Varied hosting plans are offered by SiteGround to the users with auto renewal settings. Even if the users cancel their auto renewal billing, they can easily opt for renewal of the plan by following the simple procedure.

SiteGround Hosting Plan

SiteGround hosting plan

6 Easy step to renew SiteGround hosting plan?

  1. Go to Services
  2. Click Hosting
  3. Look for the desired hosting plan and select Manage
  4. The user will find the Kebab Menu
  5. Click on Renew
  6. The user now needs to select the period of the renewal from the available drop-down menu options.

For the convenience of the users, the company has provided them with auto renewal hosting plans and also sends emails 45 days prior to the expiration of the respective hosting plan availed by the customer. This service has been made available for the users so that they can continue enjoying the benefits of the web hosting company without disruption. Hence, all the hosting plans of SiteGround are set on the pattern of auto renewal.

The easiest way to renew the hosting period is

Client Area > Billing > Renewal

The user-centric web hosting company has designed settings for the ease of the users and they have gathered positive reviews for their customer support services.

How to cancel a subscription on iPad or iPhone?

How to stop the automatic billing for my hosting plan?

All mutual and cloud facilitating plans offered by SiteGround are determined to programmed repeating charging. The plans with 12+ months facilitating recharging period are auto-restored 15 days preceding their lapse.

This is made for the comfort of our clients. Along these lines they don’t need to stress over termination and conceivable suspension of the administration because of missed restoration installment.

There may be clients who probably won’t be content with the all inclusive arrangement. To offer such clients a chance to choose whether and how to proceed with the facilitating administration, we send early updates about the up and coming reestablishment and the normal recharging period. Halting the programmed charging implies that we won’t have the option to charge you for your arrangement and it won’t be recharged.

In the event that you are certain you need to drop the programmed charging, you ought to go to your Client Area > Services > Hosting/Domains > Manage. Snap on the kebab menu and select Renewal Settings. Utilize the Autorenewal Off/On switch catch to impair the autorenewal.

How can I transfer my website?

There are two ways you can transfer your website to SiteGround:

  • Request a manual web migration
  • Take advantage of our unique WordPress Migrator plugin available in your Site Tools – you can transfer multiple WordPress sites from any host to SiteGround at no extra cost.

You can order the transfer from your Client Area > Help Menu > Contact Us Advanced Technical Help > Transfer Website.

Alternatively, you can migrate your website without any hassle from your Site Tools > WordPress > Migrator.

SiteGround manual website transfers include:

  • Transferring the database(s) of the application;
  • Transferring all of the website files;
  • Configuring the client’s main website to work with the newly transferred files and database(s). This includes adjusting all necessary file paths and databases information.

For new accounts, our SiteGround Migrator option is also available from our SetUp wizard.

Note: The website transfer does not include:

  • Transferring the domain name. This is another service which can be ordered from your Client Area > Services Domains > Transfer.
  • Configuring more than one web application. By default, SiteGround will transfer and reconfigure your main web application found in the webroot. In case you’d like to have a different one reconfigured, you will have to state it explicitly in the website transfer ticket.
  • Outgoing web application transfers from SiteGround to other hosting providers.

WordPress Migrator Plugin transfer option include:

  • Transfer website content, themes, and plugins in a safe and encrypted way;
  • Easy way to transfer all your sites into one account.

Note: The WordPress Migrator Plugin transfer option is not suitable for migrating localhost WordPress sites or for Full Multisite installations (separate Multisite blogs are fine).

Does the renewal of my web hosting plan include a renewal of my primary domain name?

Domain names renewal fees are normally NOT included in the hosting renewal fees. However, there are some cases in which you may not be charged renewal fee for a primary domain, as it was acquired as a part of a special hosting promotion. When a domain name renewal fee is due, you will see your domain listed in your Client Area > Billing > Renewals.

If the domain name is registered by another registrar, you should contact them directly and ask them for assistance.