How to Donate Cars in Massachusetts?

 Donate Cars in Massachusetts : Do you have an old raggedy car sitting at your driveway or garage and it has too many problems, thinking about fixing it gives you a nightmare? If you are in Massachusetts (Massachusetts) then don’t worry, keep reading to know how to donate cars in MA. You might ask whether it is better to sell the clunker after fixing it, give it as scrap or donate it. Whichever choice you make, there are pros and cons to all of them; it is for you to decide. There are, however, quite a few benefits when you donate your car in MA.

Let’s look into each of these scenarios and decide why donating is the best option. Also, we will help you with ways on how to contribute cars in MA.

Is The Car Worth Fixing?

Decide whether the car that is taking your garage place worth spending money on for fixing it. Typically, you should consider repairing it only if it costs you less than 50% of the car’s actual value. You indeed have to spend money on regular maintenance of the vehicle, but you must get it evaluated professionally before fixing it as it gets older.

Junk The Car?

Generally, any car that eats on gas, gives less mileage, has a mechanical problem, and often thinks of scraping the car. But j a junking a vehicle does require you to follow a few steps, like:

  • Finding a salvage or junk vehicle yard
  • Providing the registration and title of the vehicle
  • Taking the vehicle to the yard, this can mean getting it towed to the yard. This means you have to pay the money for getting it towed
  • You will finally get the payout for it as a scrap

Donating the Car In Massachusetts

When you know that fixing the old car is a wasted effort, you might think of giving it as scrap. But as mentioned in the earlier section junking, it can be quite a stressful procedure. Many fail to realize that donating a car in MA can be a much easier process, rewarding and hassle-free irrespective of the vehicle’s age and condition.

You can get several benefits from donating a car in Massachusetts , like:

  • You get free towing from the charity of your choice
  • You get tax write-off after it is auctioned or sold
  • No more hassle of finding a customer to sell the car
  • You can give to a charity or people who will need it
  • Donate it to a charity whose cause you believe in

Now that you have an idea that donating the car in MA is profitable for you and the charity and the community.

Let’s look into how to donate cars in MA.

How To Donate Cars In Massachusetts

You need to factor in a few criteria when you plan to donate cars in MA. Contributing to an organization registered as a non-profitable one will help you get a tax write-off. Irrespective of the type of vehicle you want to give it can be qualified as a charitable donation and itemize the deduction on your taxable income you get the tax credit.

However, there are some of the factors that you need to learn when you donate cars in Massachusetts.

Ensure it is an eligible organization.

Donate to a 501(c)(3) organization; this proves it is a charitable organization and recognized by IRS and tax exemption is allowed ant under when you donate a car. You can look into IRS website or call their hotline 1-877-829-5500 to know about the charitable organization in MA.

Ask questions until you are satisfied. 

You can and should ask questions to the charity to which you are donating the car. Please get to know their mission and objective, which gets the help from the car donation etc.

Here is some question you can ask to understand better the organization to which you intend to donate the car.

  • What will they do with the donated car?
  • Will they handle all the aspects with the donation?
  • Will they be towing the car?
  • Will they give you the necessary documents for your tax credit?

Be wary of any organization that refuses to answer your questions.

Follow the law when deducting.

Before 2004 people were able to deduct hefty write-off on their taxes after donating a car to charity. The Congress added these sections 170(f)(12) and 6720  in Section 884 of the American Jobs Creation Act of 2004.  It changed the donation tax credit rules for vehicles. The new law from 2005 determined the deduction based on the vehicle’s valuation, whether it was sole or auctioned by the charity or the charity kept it for their use. To better understand the deduction process, we advise you to obtain the Publication 4303 of ‘A Donor’s Guide TO Vehicle Donation from the local IRS office.

Steps before donating the car

You have to take several steps to ensure that you have the proper documentation of the vehicle and not liable after donating it.

  • Before donating the car to the charity, in case it is worth more than $5,000 get it appraised by a professional at least 60 days before you give it.
  • Ensure that your vehicle has the title; a legit charity will not accept the car without a title. The responsibility is on you to obtain a duplicate copy of the title.
  • It is your responsibility to ensure the transfer of the title to the charity you are donating to the vehicle. Or the title can be transferred to the for-profit agent, authorized by the charity. You can learn more about the rules related to the agency relationship from IRS’ ‘A Charity’s Guide to Vehicle Donation’, published 4302.
  • On the back of the title transfer form write the name of the charity, the exact mileage from the odometer, then sign and date the form. Also, remember to keep a copy of both sides of the document.

Keep a personal donation record. 

Once again, it is your responsibility to keep all the documents about the donation of the car, which includes:

  • Acknowledgment from the charity
  • Name and the address of the organization
  • Date, place and time of the pickup of your vehicle
  • A detailed description or photograph of the donated car
  • Know the  car’s fair market value at the time of donation and how the calculation was made
  • A copy of the appraisal with an official signature
  • How you came into the ownership of the car
  • A copy of the car’s title, registration and other details related to the car given by the charity
  • Any terms and conditions attached to the car donation process


There are several charities in Massachusetts that takes cars as a donation. It helps in building and boosting the Massachusetts community for better. You can visit the IRA website to know the registered charities where you can donate cars in Massachusetts and more details on how to donate cars in Massachusetts . Your clunker can help someone in need while you get tax credit too.

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