How to Donate Car to Charity California?

Donate Car to Charity California: Donation can be a personal thought to some people but the fact that making charities is a choice for many. People who are blessed with resources should find a way out to help fellow beings. Donations can be made in several forms namely funds, clothing, stationaries, and car. Yes, you heart it right, cars.

While some people may want to get rid of their old and worn-out car by selling it as a donation, the best deal would be to just donate it with a large heart and expect nothing in return. It can be donated to charitable trusts or NGO where there is a requirement for such vehicles.

People who think that car donation will save tax for them are in for a surprise because it may cost tax to sell the car in a traditional way. But donation it for charitable reason can ease the tax burden.

Why should you donate your car?

  • The car is used and worn out and is not required by the owner. Donating the car for charity reasons can be the best answer. It can bring aid and smile on the faces of the needy people. If your car can give happiness to other then it is a noble deed.
  • The car needs repair and the owner is not interested to spend funds for the repair. The charitable trust can arrange the funds to repair the car and henceforth reap the benefit of having a car at their doorstep. It can be of use to them for a multiple reason.
  • If the car belonged to a deceased family member or relative and the other members of the family are disinterested to keep it, then it is better to give it for charity.
  • The owner is not interested to sell the car. Instead, the person may think that donating the vehicle is a better way to bring happiness in someone’s life.
  • Car donations are tax deductible meaning that car donation will save the tax burden of the owner.
  • These are good enough reasons to donate the car in California. Interested people may try and connect with the respective organizations and donate their car without any hassles. Such donations also do not involve lengthy paper work.
  • Many charities offer free pick and towing of the cars. This will reduce the cost of towing or getting the picked up from professional service providers.

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Where can you donate the car in California?

  • Donating a car in California can help give a better life to a veteran. Such people have served the country and they deserve every bit of appreciation and respect. The fact is that they may have become amputated as a result of their service while facing unprecedented circumstances. The veterans may find difficulty leading a challenging life post service and if a car donation can ease their problem, then why not?
  • There are NGO dedicated to helping the needy, children, and senior citizen. It is a great idea to donate the car in such organizations where the car will be utilized to help such people. It can be used for driving the needy, getting medicines, bringing medical help for the needy, etc.
  • There are campaigns across California that accept car donation and act as the mediating company between the car provider and the car seeker or a charitable trust. They take the proceedings or their commission from both the parties and make avail the services in a professional manner.

What are the steps to follow to maintain safety while donating the car?

  • Be aware from the service providing companies that promise a huge deduction in taxes for donating the car. Too much of flowery language can be a point of worry.
  • The owner of the vehicle should ensure to get a receipt for their donation.
  • Be sure to remove the license plate from the car once the procedure of donating is complete.
  • Sign the transfer form of the vehicle with the organization that has taken the car as a donation.
  • Find the right type of charitable trust that is accepting the car donation. Sometimes charities take the car and further sell it for a meagre amount of money. So, the seller has to be aware of the organization’s intention before donating the car.
  • Moreover, the donation of a car is a non-cash item that may raise eyebrows in the IRS department. Hence, it is better to be safe and follow the steps of car donation in a proper format.

However, it is better to avail the services of a service providing company and donate the car without any hang-ups and hassles. The service providing company will help to donate the car by following the easy steps.

  1. No paperwork
  2. Zero cost
  3. No headache
  4. Free towing or pick up
  5. Easy title transfer

Donate Car to Charity California: Online donation is also a possibility. We live in the age of technology and online services are much in demand. The service providing companies have designed websites and chat services so that quick services can be provided to the users. They have toll-free numbers also that are offering prompt services. Pick-up of the vehicle is arranged within 24-48 hours and the entire task is handled with complete professionalism. Even cars that are not in running condition are accepted by such companies. The cars are towed from the premises of the owners and then handled as per the requirement by the companies.


Donate Car to Charity California: California has a huge demand for car donation. It is a great idea to donate the car that is probably lying unused in the garage. Apart from bringing smiles on the faces of the needy people, car donation can also help the environment is a big way. It is a format of reusing the stuff that is already available. Reusing old stuff is highly recommended by the governments across the world as a saviour of the environment. Hence, the donation of cars can also be treated as a noble deed and an eco-friendly way to handle the resources.

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