Donate Car In Maryland: Do you have an old car, which is almost a junk, or you just want to replace your old car with a new latest model one? When we think of having a new car, we think of selling it the old one, or junk it. We also have a good idea of how to junk a car or sell it. But do you know that it can be donated too, to a charity? So if you are now asking yourself, where you can donate the junk car in Maryland, as you reside in the state, there is good news for you. In Maryland, several organizations will take your junk car sitting in your garage for a worthy cause.

It will help make a difference in the community, but it also helps you with freeing up the space taken by the old car, you will also receive a tax deduction and help someone in need. If you are still not convinced enough to donate the old clunker, here are some benefits you can have from donating it.

Benefits of Donating A Car In Maryland

While often deciding to junk a car or donate, it can be a tricky business, one primary concern as an owner is how much money you have to spend or you will get. How about you don’t have to pay anything instead help someone else with the clunker? Here are some benefits of donating a junk car.

 Donate Car In Maryland Tax Incentive:

The tax deduction you will receive from donating the car is determined by the vehicle’s market value and how much the charity sold it for. For example, if your car’s market value is $600 and it got sole for less, you will deduct $600. Generally, the charity to which you donated the vehicle will send you a 1098-C form. It shows the amount for a tax deduction, which you can use for your tax incentive.

Giving Back:

Giving back to the community is vital to building a society. If you do not have that extra cash to donate, give the good-for-nothing car, taking the space in your garage to a charity. You never know it might give you the mental peace and satisfaction that you have never experienced before.

Free Removal:

If you want to junk a car, you have to hire a tow truck. Generally, hiring a tow truck costs about $100, but it will cost you more if you stay further away from the junkyard. In case your vehicle is worth the only couple of hundred dollars, and after hiring a tow truck, it is possible you have to give money from your pocket. When you donate the car, removing it from your garage is taken care of by the charity, and you will also claim the tax write-off.

 Donate Car In Maryland Hassle-free:

Irrespective of whether you are trying to sell the non-functioning car at the scrapyard, a dealer or private-buyer, it can be quite a hassle. You have to negotiate, get it towed and so on. If you donate it to charity, it is a fast and straightforward process and free. You do not have to repair anything, just fill a form, and you are done. Most charities in Maryland now have only forms which take a couple of minutes to fill out.

With these benefits in place when you donate a car, it is now time to choose the charity.

Choosing the Official Charity

Donate Car In Maryland: Now that you have decided to donate your car to a charity, you need to be a bit careful while selecting one. Several fraudulent operations are running in the name of charity, and you do not want to get scammed. Here is a checklist that you can use to select the charity.

  • The charity must be licensed with Maryland
  • Check whether the charity is officially registered that at if it has 501 (c) (3) organizations. This means it has a non-profit status. If it is listed with anything else, then it is not a charity.
  • It can also be licensed as a Maryland wholesale dealer since come are regulated by Motor Vehicle Administration that accepts the donated vehicle.
  • In the form, you must fill in the title of the car. It should be done in the same manner when you are selling a car.
  • Remove the license plate before you hand over the car to the charity
  • Cancel your automobile insurance after returning the license pave to MVA.

Some known charities in Maryland where you can donate the car while keeping the guidelines in mind are:

You can donate to any of these charities in Maryland. In case if you have a few more questions about donating the car, the next section can help.


Here are answers to some more queries that you might have before donating the car.

Question: What paperwork do I need to donate the car?

Answer: The title of the vehicle paperwork is a must. In case you do not have one, some charities can help you with it by making specific arrangements.

Question: Who is responsible for the pickup and towing of the car?

Answer:  If you donate it to the above charities, they are responsible for towing and picking it up from your place.

Question: What kind of vehicles can I donate?

Answer: The charities accept most cars, vans, trucks, RVs, fleet vehicles, trailers. But you should contact them and discuss it before donating.

Question: Can I donate a vehicle that is not running?

Answer: These charities accept all cars irrespective of whether they are running or not. In most cases, a non-running vehicle is recycled and sold. The proceedings from the sale are then donated to the charities

Knowing more how your donation will help the charities, call them and have a quick chat will be more than eager to answer your queries.


Is it better to donate or junk the car? The answer is for you to decide, i.e. the efforts you want to put in to get it towed, or fixed and negotiate a deal or helping the less fortunate one in the society? If you are really desperate to make some money from the scrap, then junking it is the best idea, hoping that towing it doesn’t eat on the profit margins you make from selling it.