Dism.exe Error 1392 Windows 10 : Fixed

How to fix Dism.exe Error 1392 On Windows 10

 Dism.exe Error 1392 Windows 10: An antivirus can prove to be effective to deal with such an interference in Windows 10.  Tech experts recommend the users to use the tool named Restoro PC repair for getting rid of such issues. The software is equipped with features to deal with such common issues that attack the computer. The software can effectively help the users to guard their system against malware, file loss, hardware issues, and optimizing the performance of the PC.

Dism.exe error 1392 is spotted whenever there is an issue with any file in the PC, for e.g.; it becomes unreadable or corrupted. Timely action should be taken otherwise the problem will persist and create hardware issues. The warning messages and signs will be spotted like slow working of the device, system freeze, start-up or shutting problem, installation of apps, etc.

How to Reset Winsock in Windows 10?

To treat the Dism.exe error 1392, the users can make use of Restore PC Repair software tool:

  • The user will have to download the Restore PC Repair tool. It comes with Patented Technologies.
  • Select and click on “Start Scan” to detect Windows issues that lead to PC problems.
  • Select “Repair All” to fix the issue.

Apart from the above-mentioned solutions, there are several other ways to tackle the problem.

    • The user should disable the antivirus program temporarily
    • SFC scan can be effectively done
      • Select “Start
      • Go to the Search icon and type “CMD
      • The user should now go to Command Prompt
      • Right-click
      • Select “Run as Administrator
      • Now type “SFC scan now
      • Select “Enter
    • Clear the junk files from the device
    • Disk errors can be checked by “Run Check Disk
      • Right-click on Start
      • Click “Command Prompt” (Admin)
      • The users have to type the command; chkdsk/f h:
        • Scan the computer against malware
        • Restore the system

These are some of the ways and methods to get rid of the error.

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