Connect Roku with Username and Password

Watching TV shows and live streaming videos has become the latest fad. Internet connectivity makes it more enjoyable as the content can be viewed uninterrupted. Roku TV can be easily connected to Smartphone, Tablet, laptop, or TV. In fact, several users have started preferring this over the cable connected or Dish antennas. It can directly fir in the Television set through the port after undergoing the simple Setup process. A good internet connection is mandatory for the content.

In case the user is connecting Roku to the home network using username and password, following steps should be followed:

  1. Select “Wireless” in the home network
  2. The list of available networks will display on your screen. Select your home network.
  3. Enter the password when prompted.
  4. Once you enter the “Password”, click “Connect
  5. Now the Roku streaming device will be connected to the home network
  6. The Roku device will start and it will begin downloading the content. You can select the content you wish to watch.

In case, the user has to modify the network connectivity, then follow the following steps:

  1. Press “Home” button on the Roku remote
  2. Select “Settings
  3. Click on “Network
  4. Go to “Setup Connection
  5. Click on “Wireless

Then follow the same steps of entering the username and password and you are good to enjoy the content provided by Roku device.

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