Connect Roku to Wi-Fi: Roku is a much-preferred digital device that can be used to access streaming media content from varied online services. It is an American company that was established in 2008. Its first model was designed in collaboration with Netflix. It has emerged as a simple way to avail streaming content in your TV. Both free and paid versions of the platform are available for the users. The channel requires the support of an internet connection to function without any interruption. A series of simple instructions is followed to setup the connection.

How to connect Roku to Wi-Fi?

Before digging into the steps, it is important to learn a few facts. A Roku streaming TV, box, or stick is required. Another requirement is a Roku remote control for the effective setup. A router and network password are the other requisites for an error-free connectivity.

  1. The user will be asked to select between Wired (this option does not appear for Roku streaming stick users) or Wireless connection to the internet and router.
  2. If the user selects “Wired”, then connect your Roku TV or box to the router using Ethernet cable. The Roku device will instantly establish connection with home internet and once it is confirmed, then the user has to continue with the further instructions.

In case the user selects the option of “Wireless”, there will be extended steps that should be followed before establishing connectivity.

  1. The Roku device will automatically scan for network within range when establishing connection for the first time.
  2. The list of available networks will appear and the user can make the required selection.
  3. If the list does not appear, then the user can select “Scan” again.
  4. Once the network has been selected by the user, Roku will see the internet and Wi-Fi connection.
  5. Once Roku confirms the network, enter the password to support connectivity with the respective network. Select “Connect” after entering the password.
  6. Confirm and Roku device will be successfully connected.

The above-mentioned steps can be followed for the first-time setup. For consecutive connectivity, the following steps can be followed:

  1. Select “Home” on the remote
  2. Go to “Settings
  3. Select “Network
  4. Go to “Setup Connection
  5. Click on “Wireless” (if both options are available)
  6. Roku will find the network
  7. Enter the password for connection and wait for the connection to establish

These are simple and effective steps that the users can follow and enjoy live streaming.

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