What is DNS?

Changing DNS Settings Windows 10: The full form of DNS is Domain Name System. It allows the user to connect with the varied websites in the World Wide Web through the perfect match obtained by the domain names with unique ID of the server in which the website is available. It can be simply defined as the phonebook of the internet.

Changing DNS Settings Windows 10

Changing DNS Settings Windows 10: IP address is the identifier of the websites and the DNS stores the domain names with IP addresses. When the user types a website address, the internet starts working to connect with user with the website using the IP address to identify the physical location of the website.  The IP address is a series of numbers with periods. Since it is difficult to memorize such long series of numbers, domain names were invented to simplify the procedure. The users can type the domain name with alphabets and find their required website. DNS is responsible for identifying and translating this domain name into IP address and then guide the user in the right direction.

Remote Desktop App to connect to a PC on Windows 10

To enhance the security and privacy of the device, it is recommended to change the DNS settings. It is rather simple to do so.

Below-mentioned are a few steps to change DNS settings on your Windows 10:

  1. The user should go to the Control Panel
  2. Tap on “Network and Internet
  3. Go to “Sharing Centre
  4. Now click on the “Change Adapter Settings
  5. The available network icons will be reflected here. Click on the desired network connection and then right click on it. Now select “Properties
  6. Tap on “IPv4”and click on “Properties
  7. If the user has already selected “Obtain DNS server address automatically”, click on the radio button that is present next to “Use the following DNS server addresses
  8. Now the user can enter the desired DNS address/addresses.
  9. Tap on “OK” and Close

With the help of the above simple steps, the DNS Settings on Windows 10 PC can be changed.