How to cancel a Magazine Subscription?

Sometimes, we end up subscribing to a magazine intentionally or unintentionally. With the passage of time, the user may realize that the subscription is of use and hence would to cancel it. Whether the subscription is directly from the magazine’s publisher or through a third party, it is essential to contact the company. Though the company may try and lure the user to remain a customer with them by giving them freebies or free subscriptions; yet the user should be firm and cancel the subscription.

Cancel a Magazine Subscription

For the users of e-magazine and e-newspaper; cancellation of the subscription is a common affair. Digital magazine subscription can be cancelled at anytime. An important thing to note about digital magazines is that the service will continue for the period of time till the subscription has been paid until the cancellation period begins. There is no way that the subscription amount can be refunded. The following steps can be followed to cancel the subscription in the respective device through the website of the concerned magazine brand.

Easy step to cancel magazine subscription?

  1. Explore the site of the magazine for which you have signed-up
  2. Look for the Subscription field and tap the Settings icon if it is available in the concerned website of the publisher company of the magazine.
  3. Select Unsubscribe

Sometimes, it is important to contact the Customer Care Department of the said magazine to cancel the subscription. But digital magazines can be easily cancelled online. The remaining issues will however be sent to the users until the term of payment expires.

How to cancel a subscription on iPad or iPhone?

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