Cancel Kindle Unlimited Subscription: Kindle Unlimited is Amazon’s internet business membership administration which gives you unlimited admittance to more than 1 million eBooks, book recordings, funnies, and magazines. Costing $9.99 every month, Kindle Unlimited accompanies a 30-day free preliminary for new clients.

While buying in for a free preliminary, you will be charged naturally after the time for testing on the off chance that you don’t drop the administration before one month. Fortunately, you can drop the Kindle Unlimited enrollment membership whenever. You can drop it straightforwardly from your Amazon account without reaching the client care.

Cancel Kindle Unlimited Subscription Steps

  1. Log in to your Amazon account
  2. Click the hamburger icon that left corner of the screen.
  3. Under Shop by Category section, select Kindle E-Reader & eBooks.
    Cancel Kindle Unlimited Subscription
  4. Scroll down and select Kindle Unlimited.
    Cancel Kindle Unlimited Subscription
  5. Manage Membership section, select Cancel Kindle Unlimited Membership.
  6. Select Account & Lists > Manage Your Content and Devices > Preferences > Kindle Unlimited Settings > Manage Your Membership
  7. Confirm the cancellation

Kindle FAQ

Q1. How do I cancel a Kindle free time subscription?

Ans. From the Manage Your Content and Devices screen, click on “Settings”: Scroll down to “Kindle Unlimited Settings” and click on the button that says “Cancel Kindle Unlimited”: Click on the “I want to cancel” button on the confirmation pop-up: And your Kindle Unlimited subscription will be cancelled.

Q2. Is Kindle Unlimited free for Prime members?

Ans. No. Kindle Unlimited is a separate subscription service from Amazon Prime, which also means it is not necessary to be a Prime member to get Kindle Unlimited. There is a different borrowing service that IS free and exclusive to Prime members in the United States, called Prime Reading

Q3. What are the benefits of Kindle Unlimited membership?

Ans. Benefits of Kindle Unlimited include:

  • Unlimited Reading: Enjoy unlimited reading from over 1 million titles
  • Unlimited Audiobooks: Listen to thousands of audiobooks with Audible narration
  • Unlimited Magazines: Read current issues from a variety of popular magazines

Q4. Is Kindle Unlimited worth paying for?

Ans. Still, there are aspects of Kindle Unlimited that may mean it’s not worth it for some customers. If you’re someone who is constantly reading books, Kindle Unlimited is most likely a good option. While many of the books on Kindle Unlimited offers relatively affordable prices, if you read many books, maybe more than two or three books per month, you’ll most likely recuperate all your subscription cost.


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